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Josh Lukin's Projects

Welcome to my portfolio! Over the past several years, I have worked on 3D art, programming, and game development. To see more info about my games, view my page here! Below are 3 games I've worked on, 3 programming projects, and 6 3D modeling projects. Also below is my custom 3D-modeled character that I created at the Engineering Summer Academy at Penn.

Mermaid Military Leader

2021 Penn ESAP Final Project

During the summer of 2021, I participated in the Computer Graphics program in the Engineering Summer Academy at Penn. I completed the program and final project with a team. As a part of that team, we were required to collaborate and design a character in Autodesk Maya. The professor assigned us to teams and gave us a set of parameters to create a character and story based on 3 given words: Mermaid, Military, and Ocean. By the end of the program, each member of the team would have their own rendition of the character. We worked as a team, bouncing ideas off each other until we were satisfied with our individual models. This is the model I created.

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